SPARTH is a 48-hour Hackathon focusing on the relation between Space and Arts through interdisciplinary work in the scope of Science and Technology. The outcomes of SPARTH are expected to be pieces, prototypes or articulated processes of art that could be exhibited. The first edition will happen in November 2017 in Bangalore.


What is it aiming for?

The goal is to engage and connect local art and science communities, institutes, companies, and individuals as well as to connect the open source and DIY culture with the intellectual property side and academia. We are aiming for participants such as local artists, artist groups, students, space engineers, astrophysicists, creative technologists, and enthusiasts, to collaboratively build a physical outcome using materials that we provide and they bring along.

Why is it important?

SPARTH is the perfect scenario to create and explore unusual innovative possibilities. The Hackathon will mix disciplines, strategies, and methodologies from the field of arts, science, and engineering, to enrich the knowledge of the participants. The outcomes of such hybridization are not only valuable in themselves but ideally also represent this juncture between the participants and disciplines. We propose 21st-century-ready access to artistic practice and space research.

Please contact us at hello@sparth.org

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