SPARTHabitat #1

SPARTHabitat #1
Germany, Berlin

SPARTHabitat #1
Spektrum | art science community
Bürknerstraße 12
DE Berlin 12047
28 March 2018
07.30 pm until 09.30 pm
Entrance fee

Join us for the first edition of SPARTHabitat: a community meeting engaging in the various relations between space and art. We have a focus on outer space, but also investigate phenomena from the physical space to the virtual space, gallery space, or urban space. We explore artistic, technological and biological implications for the human species in the ascending age of space travel and virtuality.

We create an environment for exchanging ideas and stimulate novel ideas for both artists and anyone curious in space such as scientists, engineers, developers, musicians and others. No expert knowledge is required.

The purpose of the first meetup is to get to know each other, find areas of common interest, and start the voyage. Please, spread the word!

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Hope to see you in the habitat!