The Space Race Conference: Moon Mars Futures Cover Image
Zoom Meeting
03 December 2021 - 05 December 2021
06.00 pm - 07.00 pm
How are we going to explore the Moon and Mars? What imaginaries have been created by artists to live away from our planetary home? Are humans a “space race”? During the conference, we will reflect on these questions by discussing our shared futures in space. With reference to the ambiguity and Read on
Past Events
Cockpit view
11 January 2021 - 28 February 2021
01.43 pm - 11.59 pm
Do you have an in interest in art, space and society?
Do you want to shape the future?
Do you like to engage in discourse and bring people together? 

We are looking for a part-time Co-Director who will be highly involved in shaping the future and vision of SPARTH.

After a COVID hiatus, we are Read on
Connected online
18 September 2019 - 19 October 2019
08.35 pm - 08.35 pm
Over the summer break, we worked hard to improve our web presence. Say hello to our new website!
BASE Milano
10 April 2019 | 04.00 pm - 06.00 pm
During Milan Design Week 2019 SPARTHabitat – as a guest of the Moon Gallery at Ventura Future – presents media artist Daniela de Paulis. She will briefly introduce us to her Moon-related works, especially ‘COGITO in Space’ an interdisciplinary art project speculating on the creative and Read on
Portrait Albert Barqué-Duran
Spektrum | art science community
11 December 2018 | 07.30 pm - 09.30 pm
For our last edition of the year, we invite artist Albert Barqué-Duran to present the awarded scientific and artistic project “The Zero-Gravity Band”. It is an examination of the production and perception of art when restrictions of Earth’s gravity are absent. Also, we want to celebrate the first Read on
Multi-dome base being constructed on the Moon
Spektrum | art science community
22 September 2018 | 03.30 pm - 06.00 pm
We are delighted to have Bernard Foing from the European Space Agency presenting MoonMars Village as an opportunity for research and Artscience, along with Athiye Jawad who will take us through her various activities including her work for Planet Labs Inc. and their Art in Space program. Read on
Spektrum | art science community
30 May 2018 | 07.30 pm - 09.30 pm
Join us for the second edition of SPARTHabitat: Nahum is an artist and musician based in Berlin. His work focuses on producing projects that explore the possibilities of generating wonder and enchantment. By using outer space technologies and illusionism methods, his work creates extreme Read on
SPARTHabitat #1
Spektrum | art science community
28 March 2018 | 07.30 pm - 09.30 pm
Join us for the first edition of SPARTHabitat: a community meeting engaging in the various relations between space and art. We have a focus on outer space, but also investigate phenomena from the physical space to the virtual space, gallery space, or urban space. We explore artistic, technological Read on